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MISSION: The mission of Contreras Family Child Care is to provide high quality and safety child care services. Due to a shortage of bilingual early education and high quality child care in my community, I decided to open my own home child care facility to enforce high quality and safety child care services by providing bilingual early education from zero to 5 years old of age and ensuring the respect for the backgrounds and needs of all children and families. This will allow parents and guardians to do their daily activities without worrying about the safety and wellbeing of their children.

VISION:  Our goal is to help all children from zero to 5 years old to overcome their emotional difficulties, disabilities and/or weakness due to the lack of English language and/or delay language development by providing early education and achieve the maximum children development, potential, strength, and knowledge according to the age of the children. Also, ensuring a worthy safety place environment by nurturing a positive environment inside and outside of our facility with high quality child care.

Ms. Elsa Contreras



I’m originally from Mexico “Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua” after I earned my high school diploma and moved to El Paso, Texas in 1992 to attend college to learned English. On 1997 I moved to Los Angeles, California. On August 2003, I earned my Associate of Liberal Arts degree at East Los Angeles College “ELAC”. After my hard efforts, on June 2012 I was able to open and get my own home child care and business license. On February 2015, I earned the certificate of recognition for participating in the step and/or Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Quality Rating and Improvement System by Los Angeles County. On February 2018, I earned my certificate of achievement in Child development as teacher at ELAC. On July 2018, I earned QRIS Tier 4 from Quality Start Los Angeles “QSLA”. On December 2018, I earned my associate science transfer degree in Early Childhood Education at ELAC. On July 2019, I started attending Dominguez Hills University to get my Bachelor’s degree in Child Development – Management and Administration Concentration. On February 2020, I earned my child development Site Supervisor Permit. On June 2020, I earned a certificate of dedication by enhancing the quality of childhood education in Quality Start Los Angeles. I‘m a self-motivated teacher and program director I’m very proactive, committed and dedicated to my community to ensure high quality, safety and education. I do acknowledge the diversity among families which is why I provide a positive environment and fitful needs of the children in a worthy and safety place. Also, I do utilize my experience and my early child care education to provide high quality early education and achieve the maximum children development potential, strength, and knowledge according to the age of the children. I believe enhancing in children in a positive way by helping them create a self-image because it is these early years that the image they perceive of themselves will greatly influence their success in later life. This is why I believe in a developmentally appropriate program in which achievement will not be based in reaching the norms, but in improving child’s own abilities. Also, I do believe in encouraging children to be themselves. Every child’s individuality, as well as families and teachers will be respected and valued. I believe in families and teachers/staff members coming together as a team for the betterment of his/her child.


Children learn best by active involvement with materials, peers and adults, that children construct their own understanding of the world around them. Each child learns at his or her own pace, and each child has individual strength, interest, needs and learning styles. The role of the teacher/adults in children’s learning is to use knowledge of child development, individual children and cultural contexts to facilitate development and learning. Teachers interact with all children, provide concrete challenging activities and continually update and adapt the classroom environment. The optimal learning environment for children is inclusive, sage, healthy, organized, predictable, well planned, and accessible to all children. The materials for children’s learning should be constructive, age appropriate , appealing, hands on, and challenging base on the child interest that offers a rich variety of materials, choices, opportunities to play in various size groups, and is culturally relevant to the families we serve. The role of culture in children’s learning should be open to all type of learning experiences, endless, respectful to each individual culture, and build up empathy towards others. We believe in nurturing the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative selves of the children. Therefore, the curriculum will be built around these five areas. This is why we believe in a developmentally appropriate program in which achievement will not be based in reaching the norms, but in improving a child’s own abilities. We believe that is important to have a clear framework for planning and implement a developmentally appropriate program. We believe in teachers serving children as providers, role models, facilitators, observers, and interactors for optimum learning to occur.
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