About Our Program

At ✨Early Education and Child Care ✨ our goal is to help all children to reach their full potential in a loving and safe environment. This is a bilingual program, with children being exposed to both English and Spanish throughout the day.

We are committed to implementing Developmentally Appropriate Practices in our curriculum, and we focus on all aspects of a child's development in an age-appropriate way. You can expect to see play and activities that support physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of your child. We will spend time both indoors and outdoors on a daily basis. We make a point to venture beyond the walls of our classroom from time to time for visits to the library, zoo, aquarium, museum, and neighborhood walks.


Parent involvement is an important part of our program. You can expect regular information on your child's progress, including a developmental report every six months. We use tools like the ASQ and the DRDP to track child development and support learning. We love to help parents get involved in their child's learning along the way!

As part of our commitment to creating a high quality program, we participate in the Quality Start rating program in LA. This program is entirely voluntary and involves ongoing assessment and rating to advance the quality of our program.

Teaching Play Skills

Play is voluntary engagement in self motivated activities that are normally associated with pleasure and enjoyment. Play may consist of amusing, pretend or imaginary, constructive, interpersonal (play with others) or intrapersonal (solitary play) interactions. Play is the way that children learn about the environment, their bodies and their place in the world around them. Play is often thought to be frivolous in nature, but can in fact be very structured or very specific in its goal (e.g. defined games such as sports or computer games).

Play skills are determined by the ability to plan and sequence play activities (including new activities), problem solve challenges and generalise skills from one activity/toy to another.

Rhythm of the Day

Daily Schedule


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